Randeep Purewall – Surrey Muse

Randeep Purewall is a founding member and adviser to Surrey Muse. Randeep is a lawyer by training and attained his masters degree in Law and Social Sciences in 2010 from the University of London’s School of Oriental and African Studies.

Randeep writes on political, legal and cultural topics. He enjoys acting and has studied acting with Katrina Dunn and voice with Sanders Whiting. He recently wrote his first play “The Nameless” and is currently writing his second play “Shah Bano” on the infamous 1980s Indian court case.

Randeep speaks Punjabi, Urdu, Hindi and English, and has proficiency in French and Mandarin Chinese. In his spare time, he enjoys reading, hiking, and travelling.

He is hosting January 27 meeting of Surrey Muse.
View January-June 2012 program

Here are links to some of his posts:
‘Indian Obsessions: China’
Skeena: a story of discovery, death and determination

Contact Randeep Purewall at:

About Uddari

Fauzia Rafique is a Pakistani Canadian author writing fiction and poetry in English and Punjabi. Publications: ''Holier Than Life' English poems (Purple Poppy Press 2013). Novel 'Skeena' (Libros Libertad, Surrey 2011), 'Skeena' Punjabi Gurumukhi (Uddari Books, Surrey 2011), 'Skeena' Punjabi Shahmukhi (Sanjh Publications, Lahore 2007). More at: http://gandholi.wordpress.com/ (Gravatar image: 'Revolution Is A Female' writing on the wall in Aleppo by TRAP - The Real Art of Protest)

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