‘Oh, The CRITIK’s Eye!’ by Sana Janjua

This is an excerpt from a monologue by Sana Janjua presented by her at the Nov 25 meeting of Surrey Muse in 2011.

‘You must be wondering why do I come out every day at this dark hour… and, stand here. Under this lamp. You must be wondering about a lot of things from the way I stand alone, the way I hold this (shows her mirror), the way I speak. You are the Critik I LOVE, and I will let you judge my life just like that.

‘The best part of you is that until the resolution, you will just sit and watch as I go through the pain of all this light, all this isolation, all this darkness. I, the character, stand here ALONE AT THIS DARK HOUR UNDER THIS LAMP!

‘Our history speaks tonight as I stand here telling you the story that you always wanted to hear, and you the CRITIK will sit here and judge the story. I will assign ourselves the roles. You say you have the tools to judge me. You say you know that every story has a beginning, a threshold, a resolution. You say it is smooth to tell a story. You, the intelligent CRITIK, the eye that bears witness to my story, and hopefully the future mouthpiece of my pain: before I plunge into the deepest folds of the secret, I’ll tell you one thing very honestly. I will tell you that every story that has kept a lot of secrets guards suspicion. I’ll tell you as you walk on the same cracked earth that has eaten up so many secrets that you will see horror, and you will be haunted. So, before you set yourself up for this anthropological work, be warned! Be warned as you shatter the epidermis of my story that you will come to know the secret that has haunted me all my life. It is not easy to see the naked writhing bodies once you discard off their shells. Witnessing is never easy. The cracked earth of your discovery has kept secrets of my beginning, my threshold, my ….

‘The story continues…’

Excerpt, Monologue by Sana Janjua.


About Surrey Muse

An interdisciplinary Arts and Literature group that meets Fourth Friday of each month except December. Presents a Guest Author, a Featured Poet, and a Featured Artist/Performer. Discussions. Open Mic. Book Table. Book Signings. Free event. Donations welcome.

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