Tariq Malik – Surrey Muse

Tariq Malik is a unique voice in Canadian literature that combines an immigrant past with the current realities of Canadian society. A writer of fiction and non-fiction, he has created a sentient place for himself with his first two books.

His latest book is titled ‘Chanting Denied Shores’ (Bayeux Arts, Calgary 2010), and it is historical fiction set on the North American West Coast during the pre-war period of 1907–1914. The novel highlights the events surrounding the voyage of the Komagata Maru to Canada – a watershed incident largely forgotten outside the South Asian community. Though it is an integral part of local history, it still took him five long years to research and write this novel for his readers.

‘Rainsongs of Kotli’ (TSAR Books, Toronto 2004), is set in the romantic Himalayan valleys, amidst the breathtaking mountain snowmelts and the monsoon rainstorms, these stories explore issues of loss and survival through nuances of social gesture and the ethos of a historically accurate time, place and mindset. The book immerses the reader into narratives that follow the inner lives and longings of its protagonists over a single cycle of interwoven seasons in the unique history of Kotli of mid Fifties in Pakistani Punjab.

The inspiration for most of Tariq Malik’s writing comes from his early years spent in the western Punjab region, and later, from the rainforests surrounding Vancouver’s North Shore where he now spends his free time ‘hiking and ‘moving to the sound of water’, observing the etchings of time and seasons on the natural environment‘.

A part of him is also continuously peering back over his shoulder at ‘the bewildering state of the subcontinent that he has left behind in adopting Canada as his homeland‘.

Malik lives in Vancouver with his wife and two children, and can be found ‘hunched over a laptop when not hiking or at work‘.

At the May 25 Gathering of Surrey Muse, Tariq will present selections from his published work.

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