Hari Alluri – Surrey Muse

Hari is a Vancouver-based Filipino South Asian filmmaker and poet who was born in Ogbomosho, Nigeria.

His latest film project is ‘Pasalubong: Gifts from the Journey’ that he made in partnership with the National Film Board (NFB) in 2010. Earlier, he created ‘Memory Block’ as a part of The Colouring Book: Digital Shorts by Artists of Colour (NFB, 2008) and ‘Acknowledge’ (2009), part of Cineworks’ Cinematic Cartographies workshop.

His poems have appeared in the following journals, web journals, and zines: 580 Split, Cutthroat, Lumina, Kartika, TAYO, PULSE and RAIN. His poetry is published in several chapbooks, and in the Asian Arts Freedom School, Colouring Book and VONA (forthcoming) anthologies.

Some Q&As

When did you begin making films?
Hari: In 2008 an opportunity arose thanks to the legacy of the Colouring Book Project, the tirelessness of Hedyeh Bozorgzadeh, and the generosity of the NFB.

What is your current film project?
Hari: There’s a few pieces in the works or being dreamed right now, mostly in collaboration. The one closest to being done is a short experimental piece with my co-conspirator Erik Haensel.

When did you begin writing poetry?
Hari: I guess I’ve been writing most of my life, on and off, with a relationship toward writing that has moved between love, shame, frustration, and joy. I began to write more seriously in 2005, upped the ante in 2008 and really started sweating the craft in 2010, when my mentors Suheir Hammad and Chris Abani inspired me to take on the project of writing a book. Things have gotten really deep since then. I have a strong community of peers and teachers who push and support each other.

What is your current poetry project?
Hari: My first collection. I’m also generating new work for a couple of future projects.

In the July 27 meeting of Surrey Muse, Hari will tell us more about his films and videos, and speak about the creative process as he experiences them.

Contact Hari Alluri at:

Hari’s photo by Erik Haensel

Surrey Muse Program July-Nov 2012

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