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Ushna Shah is a Pakistani Canadian actor who has performed in various dramas and radio and television shows. She has just begun hosting her own radio show ‘Saanjha Aasmaan’ on Radio Punjab, and she hosts segments on ethnic television shows. She is in the process of writing a script for a television drama she plans to produce in Pakistan.

Ushna directed and acted in school talent shows and small stage productions in Canada and in Pakistan. Even at the ages of 10 and 12 she was strict about rehearsals and work ethic.

Born into an artistic family, Ushna had no qualms about what she wanted to do in life. With an actress/radiohost/writer mother, Ushna spent her childhood watching rehearsals in studios and on sets. In 1997, her sister was the lead in a critically acclaimed drama serial on Pakistan Television and won the best actress award, and her brother happens to be one of the most established theater directors in Pakistan.

Ushna truly realized her path when she acted in a theater production of a Ray Cooney farce at sixteen. This was it! The smell of the stage and the rush of performing in front of thousands of people was her drive.

Ushna went to York University to study English and Professional Writing, and now lives in Surrey as she continues to work towards her beachelor’s degree by herself.
I love writing, but studying it was making me miss the things I lived for. Going without theater was like going without water, and going without writing would have been like going without air… I’m inspired by James Franco who studies, gets his degrees, acts, directs and writes at the same time.’

Ushna’s motto in life is ‘The show must go on’ which also happens to be the name of her favorite song.

In the August 24 meeting of Surrey Muse, Ushna will present some of the roles she has performed, and some that she would like to.

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