Surrey Muse Program: January – June 2013

Surrey Muse Program for the first 6 months of 2013
3rd Session: Jan-June 2013

January 25
Guest Author Fauzia Rafique
Featured Poet Hari Alluri
Featured Musician Tim Mar
Open Mic Opener Val Mossop
Host Randeep Purewall

February 22
Guest Author Lucia Monica Gorea
Featured Poet Ajmer Rode
Featured Musician Enrico Renz
Open Mic Opener Nadya Dulai
Booksigning Author TBA
Host Sonja Grgar

March 22
Guest Author Pam Bentley
Featured Poet Ariadne Sawyer
Featured Multimedia Artist Cease Wyss
Open Mic Opener Helga Parekh
Booksigning Author TBA
Host Mariam Zohra Durrani

April 26
Guest Author Martha Roth
Featured Poet Sonja Grgar
Featured Dancer Arno Kamolika
Open Mic Opener Jennifer Ryan
Booksigning Author TBA
Host Valerie B-Taylor

May 24
Guest Author Sadhu Binning
Featured Poet Joanne Arnott
Featured Poet/Performer Larry Nicholson
Open Mic Opener Wanda John
Booksigning Author TBA
Host Sana Janjua

June 28
Guest Author Lydia Kwa
Featured Poet Surjeet Kalsey
Featured Visual Artist Michelle Sylliboy
Open Mic Opener Jo Martinez
Booksigning Author TBA
Host Timothy Shay

Updates to Surrey Muse program will be posted on this page:

Information about Surrey Muse gatherings is here:

People who make Surrey Muse possible:

Fabulous printable posters

Surrey Muse program is put in place twice a year. Recommendations can be made any time. For inclusion in July-Nov 2013 program, please email Surrey Muse ( name, short intro and contact information by May 15, 2013.

Next gathering
January 25, 2013

About Surrey Muse

An interdisciplinary Arts and Literature group that meets Fourth Friday of each month except December. Presents a Guest Author, a Featured Poet, and a Featured Artist/Performer. Discussions. Open Mic. Book Table. Book Signings. Free event. Donations welcome.

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