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Ariadne Sawyer is an accomplished poet who has made strong contributions to the development of her social and literary communities. Her poems have been published internationally, and Ariadne received an International Peace Poetry Award in May 2011 at the World Poetry International Festival.

A poet, speaker, poetry judge and a movie reviewer, Ariadne has published the following three books: The Best of Creativity Rocks! (World Poetry Publishing Company, 2005), Bits and Pieces: Tales Told at Greenwoods (Department of Health and Welfare Canada, 1998) and Take Charge of Your Life (Castle House Ltd., 1996). At this time, she is working on her first novel Journey of Love and Agony, and on a book of dream poems called Love Poems to the World.

Ariadne is the president of World Poetry Reading Series Society, co-host and co-founder of World Poetry (, and the organizer of the World Poetry Canada International Peace Festival (in it’s 3rd year) at UBC. She has facilitated numerous workshops on Creative Dreaming and Art, and has done several research projects on the subject. She is also the radio show co-host and producer of The World Poetry Café CFRO 102.7 FM.

To us, Ariadne’s invaluable contributions include her ongoing struggle to provide international literary forums for Canadian poets regardless of colour and creed. She enjoys creating special events and programs to achieve her goals, and her dream is ‘to create a multilingual, intercultural traveling show and film on the Art of Creativity’.

You may not be ready for this, but Ariadne is a nuerotherapist, and loves to do research on the brain and to see how people transform themselves. As well, Ariadne was the winner of the MacLean Hunter award for programs of excellence: The Brain Bulletin Series, 7 CDs which have played on radio stations across Canada.

At the March 22 Gathering of Surrey Muse, Ariadne will prsent a selection of her published and unpublished poems.

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