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Craig H. Bowlsby, the author of Empire of Ice has been wielding both pen and sword for many years. A fencing expert and a writer of fiction and nonfiction, Craig had earlier published The Knights of Winter, a history of hockey in British Columbia from 1895 to 1911. Empire of Ice is a comprehensive study of the rise and fall of the Pacific Coast League from 1911-1926. This is the period when the Vancouver Millionaires and Victoria Cougars each won the Stanley Cup, and the book chronicles their complete story, the first time ever.

Craig’s play Mutiny On the Minsk was produced by Vagabond theatre in New Westminster. He wrote and produced a comedy sci-fi television pilot, Commander’s Log, shown on the Space Channel in 2004. Craig has worked as fencing/fighting content advisor with Lynda Williams, the author of the Okal Rel novels published by Edge science fiction. Craig’s short story, The Number Three Blade, now part of the Okal Rel Anthology Two that introduces Horth’s first fencing experiences at the age of four, draws from that experience.

Craig has completed a novella about Horth as a young man, Horth in Killing Reach, published as part of the legacy of the ongoing Okal Rel Universe. In this novella Horth struggles with the difficulties of being a flight officer on the battle-wheel Avenger while fighting a nefarious plot against him. Verbally challenged, naïve, and thought to be stupid by those who don’t know him, Horth invariably surprises everyone as he employs his unusual solutions that are both pragmatic and unexpected. His fighting ability, which is based on his heightened spatial cognition, also serves him well. Craig has now finished a second novella involving Horth that will be published by Edge later this year.

Five times Western Canadian Foil champion, a former member of the Canadian National Fencing Squad, he now teaches fencing at La Salle, in Vancouver. Craig has worked as Swordmaster or Sword Double on several Vancouver shot productions, has been a panellist at Vcons and Cascadiacon, and has completed the manuscript of a novel about Cyrano De Bergerac.

At the March 22 Gathering of Surrey Muse, Craig will be available for book signing with his latest title Empire of Ice, and other books.

Empire of Ice
Empire of Ice final printing 001 Trade paperback, 9/6
432 pages include 70 b&w illustrations
ISBN: 978-0-9691705-6-3
Available at Chapters, Black Bond Books, and other bookstores.
Order it online at eBay, Amazon, or directly through the publisher:

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