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Diego is an Italian-Canadian poet and short-story writer. Born in Fiume, Italy, Diego has lived also in the United States and Canada and has traveled to Spain, Costa Rica, Turkey and France to name just a few countries.

Diego is a retired university professor, having taught Spanish and Italian literature at the graduate level at, among others, the University of Toronto (1967-70) and Queen’s University (1970-1997). He was also the Vice Consul of Italy for Eastern Ontario, Canada from 1978-1994 and is the Canadian correspondent for a literary magazine both in South America and in Italy.

Diego started writing poetry in Italy and wrote it at different points of his life before taking it up in earnest after his award-winning and critically praised English translation of the seven volume anthology of the poems of Giuseppe Ungaretti.   In addition to this major anthology of poems, Diego has  published three volumes of poetry: “Punto Caduto” (1995); “La Barca in Secco” (1995), and “Per un pugno di terra/For a Fistful of Soil” (2006) a bilingual collection of poetry in Italian and English, for which he won the 2008 International Literary Prize, Trieste Scritture di Frontiera (Umberto Saba).

Diego has given public readings of his poetry across town and on CBC Radio’s North by Northwest, as well as in Europe and Central America. His award-winning poems and short-stories have been published in literary magazines in Canada, the United States, Italy, Israel, and Argentina. His poems deal with human existence, how humans deal with their emotions in relation to society and God and, in his fourth volume of poetry, with some of the critical socio-political issues of the past 30 years.

His favourite authors include Cervantes, Pirandello, Ungaretti and Kundera; his favourite books include La Divina Commedia,” “Don Quixote” and “Life is Elsewhere.” His favourite films include “Inherit the Wind,” “Profumo di Donna” and “Enrico IV.” When he is not writing poetry, Diego enjoys painting, sailing, tennis and travel.

He is working on publishing his fourth collection of English poetry and a collection of short stories and articles in Italian.

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One thought on “Diego Bastianutti – Surrey Muse

  1. jrbenjamin says:

    Love Diego Bastianutti. Great post.


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