Surrey Muse Program – January to June 2014

Surrey Muse Program Session 5
January 2014 – June 2014

January 24, 2014
Featured Author Jean Pierre Makosso
Featured Poet Wanda John-Kehewin
Featured Performer Dreadnaught
Open Mic Opener Veeno Dewan
Booksigning Author David Burnell
Host Randeep Purewall

February 28, 2014
Author Martha Roth
Poet Fiona Lam
Performer Summer Pervez
Open Mic Opener Jen Ryan
Booksigning Authors Alan Hill & Candice James
Host Sonja Grgar

March 28, 2014
Author Julian Worker
Poet Kevin Spenst
Musician Enrico Renz
Open Mic Opener Ghia Aweida
Booksigning Author TBA
Host Helga Parekh

April 25, 2014
Author Chloe Cocking
Poet Ashok Bhargava
Performer Sylvia Grace Borda
Open Mic Opener Janine White
Booksigning Author Julian Worker
Host Valerie B. Taylor

May 23, 2014
Author Eileen Kernaghan
Poet Russell Wallace
Performer Sana Janjua
Open Mic Opener Jo Martinez (uc)
Booksigning Author TBA
Host Mariam Zohra Durrani

June 27, 2014
Author Fauzia Rafique
Poets Alan Hill & Candice James
Performer Storma Sire
Open Mic Opener Helga Parekh
Booksigning Author Ghia Aweida
Host Sana Janjua

Updates to Jan-June 2014 program will appear here

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About Surrey Muse

An interdisciplinary Arts and Literature group that meets Fourth Friday of each month except December. Presents a Guest Author, a Featured Poet, and a Featured Artist/Performer. Discussions. Open Mic. Book Table. Book Signings. Free event. Donations welcome.

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