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Jean Pierre Makosso is a French-English bilingual author, poet, play writer, theatre actor, director, storyteller, comedian and a teacher of writing and performance. Born in the Republic of Congo, Jean Pierre was schooled in both traditional African and Western systems of education. He has lived in France, Switzerland and has resided in B.C. since 2001.

He has published, La voix du conteur (2009, short stories), Le cri du triangle (2010, poetry and prose), Human Works (2011, poetry), Il était une fois…ce jour-là (2013, novel) and ‘Love you yet again’, which featured in the African-Canadian poetry anthology, the Great Black North (2013). He wrote a storytelling documentary ‘Baobab, tell me a story’ and short stories called billets d’humeur for French television and French radio.

As an actor, Jean Pierre has performed with the company Punta-Négra (Congo), the Théâtre du corps (France), Théâtre Amiel (Switzerland), la Maison de poésie (Paris, France) and African Stages (Vancouver).

He starred as an extra in the film “Charlie St Cloud” and has written and directed plays for Canada World Youth. He is also the founder of Makosso Village, which performs and facilitates workshops in writing, storytelling and performance in schools, universities, libraries and festivals across Canada and internationally.

Makosso village:

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