Martha Roth – Surrey Muse


Martha Roth is a writer and editor of non-fiction and fiction. Born and raised in Chicago, Martha lived in Paris for a period as a teenager. Her essays, poems and stories have been published in Nugget, Western Humanities Review, Esquire, Harper’s and North Stone Review among others.

She has published a novel Goodness (1996) and founded and edited a feminist quarterly called Hurricane Alice. She also co-edited a couple of important collections on contemporary feminist issues including Mother Journeys: Feminists Write About Mothering (1993) and Transforming a Rape Culture (1994; 2005). Since moving to B.C. in 2005, she has published short pieces and worked as an associate editor and contributor to Outlook magazine. Martha finds inspiration in the younger generation of Canadians who will, she is confident, transform a post-Harper Canada into a better place through their decency and good sense.

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