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Storma Sire

Storma Sire is an award winning African-Canadian artist, author, poet, illustrator and film writer of West African Akan heritage.

As a film writer, Storma has co-written two independent feature films, two television pilots and one documentary on the homeless in the Vancouver downtown east side called Goin’ Home (2007). She co-wrote Barbara James (2003), Winnipeg’s first black, full length independent feature film. The film won honours at several international film festivals (including London, Los Angeles and Sicily), won best picture and best actress at the National Film Board of Canada and was nominated for best screenplay at the Toronto Black Film and Video Network.

As a writer, Storma’s children’s novel Lessons in Magic won for Best Emerging Author/Illustrator in Children’s Literature in 2006 from the Canada Council for the Arts. She has also illustrated for the University of British Columbia’s Journal of Writing for Children. Her poetry has featured in the anthology Black Canadian North: Contemporary African Canada Poetry (2013) and she is currently writing a book of poetry entitled Red Cap. Her paintings on stone and canvass focus on abstract, indigenous and subjective narratives can be seen here:

Storma has also been teaching art, creative writing and creativity classes at Langara College and for the City of Burnaby for nearly a decade. She has worked at the Vancouver Art Gallery for 6 years, and has co-curated a number of independent art shows. She is a social activist and co-founded the Sickle Cell Association of BC in 2012.

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