Lavana La Brey – Surrey Muse

Lavana was born in Edmonton and has lived in British Columbia for most of her life. The co-owner of Renaissance Bookstore in New Westminster with John Preston for over 18 years, Lavana has provided a (free) home to various art and literary activities including literature critique groups, book launches, and music / spoken word open mic events. Her role is pivotal in the development of art and literature in New Westminster where she has facilitated the finding of various art, music and poetry groups.

A budding guitarist and song-writer, Lavana has been a regular participant at the Songwriters Open Mic held weekly at Renaissance Books for the past year. Her songs are rooted in country music but her lyrics allude to varied themes where she freely places herself as an independent mixed race city gal with no pretensions of being anything but.

Lavana also enjoys painting and writing poetry.

Visit Lavana at Ren Books

More about the meetings

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