Surrey Muse Program – January to June 2017


January – June 2017
Session 11

January 27
Author LP Wallinger
Poet Manolis
Performer Enrico Renz
Open Mic Opener Randeep Purewall
Host Fauzia Rafique

February 24
Author Nasreen Pejvack
Poet Alan Hill
Performer Mustapha Makhdoom
Open Mic Opener Mohamad Kebbewar
Host Helga Parekh

March 24
Author Ruth Kozak
Poet Joìniìna Kirton
Performer Sonja Grgar
Open Mic Opener Idrian Burgos
Host Sana Janjua

April 28
Author Margo Prentice
Poet dn simmers
Performer Sherry Duggal
Open Mic Opener Helga Parekh
Host Joanne Arnott (uc)

May 26
Author Alan Girling
Poet Fiona Tin Wei Lam
Performer Sana Janjua
Open Mic Opener Katheren Szabo
Host Mariam Zohra

June 23
Author (SheLa) Nefertiti Morrison
Poet Lakshami Gill
Performer Mariam Zohra
Open Mic Opener Malik Mohamed (uc)
Host Sonja Grgar

Surrey Muse program is put together twice a year for two sessions, January-June and July-November. Participants are invited based on a Recommendations List where names and email addresses are collected throughout the year. To be on the recommendations list, or to recommend someone else, send us an email message at:

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About Surrey Muse

An interdisciplinary Arts and Literature group that meets Fourth Friday of each month except December. Presents a Guest Author, a Featured Poet, and a Featured Artist/Performer. Discussions. Open Mic. Book Table. Book Signings. Free event. Donations welcome.

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