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Marcy Angeles is a Two-Spirit Apache writer, painter and musician from Southern New Mexico. Her main solo music project is Western Obsidian, an exploration of trauma placed on her people for generations, where the name references the legend of the Apache Tears, a type of obsidian with a story that tells of Apaches jumping to their deaths so that colonials do not have the opportunity to take their lives. Marcy has also composed Shoegazey Noise Rock under the alias Fleurish where she released an album titled ‘Deepligai’ presenting a more gentle, atmospheric and all around her softer side. Her paintings and poetry have been featured in Barrio Panther Magazine and in the 2017 issue 5 of Parallax Magazine. Marcy began to do artwork and writing as a child, the music came later. Her first solo band was TVOD, it was an industrial music project intended to give PTSD a sound- to sound fearful so the listener understands what PTSD feels like just by listening. She is also working on the music project 3Li0ns where she is collaborating with ‘the very talented women artists’ Myrh & Agitation Phi. Marcy has been one of the many Native American Two Spirits working to restore their place by the Sacred Fire; ‘it is one thing to be transgender and a whole other to be an Indigenous transgender woman’, says Marcy.

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At the April 27 gathering of Surrey Muse, Marcy will be our Featured Performer via Skype. More information about the event is here:

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