Margo Prentice – Surrey Muse

Margo Prentice is a writer of short stories and poems, stage plays and standup comic scripts. She established Golden Age Theatre that ran successfully for 15 years. Her play ‘Women and Escorts Only’ was performed at the Firehall Arts Centre, and her most recent play ‘Mother’s Day’ is being considered by Vancouver Fringe Festival. Margo’s short stories have been published in Canadian Magazine, Vancouver Sun and Royal City Literary Arts on-line magazine, and her poems have appeared in anthologies locally and in Ontario. She performs as a stand-up comic at local comedy venues including Yuks Yuks, Lafflines, Rosedale Pub and Corky’s. She has also done comedy shows in Mexico and Europe. Margo runs Short Story Open Mic in New Westminster, and she is in the process of editing and organizing materials for a book-length work.

Margo considers herself ‘the oldest comic standing’.

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At the April 28 gathering of Surrey Muse, Margo will be our Featured Author, and we expect to hear/see anything from short stories to standup. More about the event is here: april-28-gathering-of-surrey-muse

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Isaac Yuen – Surrey Muse


Isaac Yuen situates and writes about the self in the forms of critical and creative non-fiction that revolves around ideas of nature, culture, and identity. He is the winner of the 2013 Web of Life Foundation international essay competition. His works can be found in Ricepaper, Alternatives Journal: Canada’s environmental voice, Flyway: Journal of writing and environment, and Schema Magazine: For the interculturally-minded.

A first-generation Chinese-Canadian, Isaac is also the creator of Ekostories, an award-winning blog and essay collection that explores the power of narrative to evoke personal and societal change.

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At the October 23 gathering of Surrey Muse, Isaac will present a selection from his published work. More about the event is here:

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Larry Nicholson – Surrey Muse


Larry Nicholson is a writer, singer/songwriter, performer and playwright. His work has been published in newspapers, magazines, anthologies, and some of it has appeared on television. Larry has written, directed and acted in stage plays, and he has appeared in an independent film. After graduating with a Fine Arts degree from UBC’s Creative Writing program, he now works as a consultant in a variety of fields, and as a cultural interventionist with a non-profit First Nations organization serving the Lower Mainland.

Larry is from Montana Cree Nation at Maswacis (formerly Hobbema), Alberta, but has called the un-ceded Coast Salish Territory (Vancouver) home for 17 years. And, he says: ‘I am very pleased to be involved with MUSE this year, and thanks and congratulations to the organizers for creating space for this exchange of ideas.

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Larry will present a selection of his work at the November 27 gathering of Surrey Muse. For more information on the event, click below:

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Christine Grimard – Surrey Muse


Christine Grimard is a writer of fiction and creative prose. Her work has been published in magazines and anthologies, most recently in Saving Seeds, an anthology by the New West Writers that bears the name of one of Christine’s contributions to it.

Christine ‘has been writing since she was capable of making marks on paper’. She writes to understand the world, express feelings, chronicle her adventures, and to give flight to an active imagination. She loves the power of words to transport both herself and others.

In addition to writing her own stories, Christine enjoys experiencing others’ writings, and that has led her to get involved in different writers’ groups including New West Writers, Golden Ears Writers, and the Federation of BC Writers. As well, she is the founder of Mission Writers critique group.

A self-confessed 3-Day Novel addict, and a proud graduate of the 2009 Writers’ Studio at SFU, Christine hopes that when she dies, many years from now, it will be ‘with a pen clutched in her gnarled hand and a smile of satisfaction on her lips’.

Meanwhile, she has several novels in revision, and we hope to see one of them published this year.

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At the April 24 gathering of Surrey Muse, Christine will present from her unpublished stories. More about the gathering is here:

Surrey Muse Jan-June 2015 Program
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Renée Sarojini Saklikar – Surrey Muse

Renee SaklikarVessios Photography

Renée Sarojini Saklikar is a poet, author and mentor who also is the first Poet Laureate of the City of Surrey. Trained as a Lawyer at the University of British Columbia, she has a degree in English Literature, and graduation from Simon Fraser University’s The Writers Studio. Her book ‘Children of Air India‘ is the winner of the 2014 Canadian Authors Association Award for poetry, and, a finalist for the 2014 Dorothy Livesay Poetry Award.

Renée’s major work is an ongoing contemplation titled thecanadaproject, ‘a life-long poem chronicle that includes poetry, fiction, and essays.’ She has published some work from it in various journals and anthologies including the Literary Review of Canada, The Vancouver Review, Geist, Arc Poetry Magazine. The first book from the project,’Children of Air India, un/authorized exhibits and interjections’ (Nightwood Editions 2013) is a collection of poems about the bombing of Air India Flight 182 that was ‘Canada’s worst act of aviation terror’. It is available from Nightwood Editions at:

Renée is a mentor and instructor for SFU’s writing and publishing program where she has co-founded Lunch Poems at SFU, a new poetry reading series. She also serves as an advocate on the national council of The Writer’s Union of Canada.

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At the April 22 gathering of Surrey Muse, Renée will read a selection of her poems. Click below for more information about the event:

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Surrey Muse 6-Month Program – January to June 2015

We are excited to have this amazing lineup for the 7th Session of Surrey Muse.

Surrey Muse Session 7
January 2015 – June 2015

January 23
Author Sylvia Taylor
Poet Lorna Goodison
Performer Tom Oleman
Open Mic Opener Randeep Purewall
Host Sonja Grgar

February 27
Author Dennis E. Bolen
Poet Phinder Dulai
Performer Carol Sawyer
Open Mic Opener Summer Pervez
Host Mariam Zohra

March 27
Author Renée Sarojini Saklikar
Poet Ibrahim Honjo
Performer Poul Bech
Open Mic Opener Nefertiti
Host Randeep Purewall

April 24
Author Christine Grimard
Poet Alan Girling
Performer Hasham Nasir
Open Mic Opener Rita Wong
Host Helga Parekh

May 22
Author Larry Nicholson
Poet Carol Shillibeer
Performer Tim Mar
Open Mic Opener Idrian Burgos
Host Sana Janjua

June 26
Author Juliane Okot Bitel
Poet Pamela Bentley
Performer Let It Pass (DVD)
Open Mic Opener TBA
Host David Macilwain

All updates to this program will be posted at the Program page below

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Julian Worker – Surrey Muse

Julian Worker is a travel writer and photographer who also writes murder mysteries and humorous fiction. He is the author of eleven books and ebooks. His latest book ‘Animals Evolution Avoided’ discusses 40 little-known creatures who otherwise would have escaped our attention. His third murder mystery novel ‘The Frisby Waterless Murders’ is now being edited for publication. He has taken many photographs that have appeared in travel guides by National Geographic, Thomas Cook and The Rough Guides. Julian is the President of Tillicum Toastmasters in New Westminster and has been a member of that club for seven years. He is also President of New West Writers.

Julian has written articles on architecture for the US magazine Skipping Stones, and his travel articles were published in The Globe and Mail, Fate Magazine, The Vancouver Sun, and Northwest Travel. He blogs about travel on the ‘In The Know Traveler’ website. His work has appeared online recently on the World and I, Offbeat Travel, and GoNomad websites.

These are the titles of Julian’s paperback travel books: ‘Julian’s Journeys’ and ‘Travel Tales from Exotic Places like Salford’, and his four travel ebooks are called ‘Ten Traveller’s Tales’; ‘Scottish Highlands, Caribbean Islands and more’; ‘Travels through History – Armenia and the UK: Journeys in Armenia and the UK’; and ‘Travels through History-The Balkans: Journeys in the former Yugoslavia’.

He has written two books of humorous fiction: ’40 Humourous British Traditions’ and ‘Sports the Olympics Forgot’; and, two murder mysteries: ‘The Goat Parva Murders’ and ‘The Manton Rempville Murders’.

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At the August 26 gathering of Surrey Muse, Julian will present a selection from his published work. More information about the event is here: august-26-gathering-of-surrey-muse

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