Tabatha Visutskie – Surrey Muse

Tabatha is an emerging actor, writer, poet and filmmaker who is committed to each of her artistic expressions, and within those, she also performs as a director, a producer, and an artistic organizer.

She won the best actress award for playing her first leading role in the movie ‘Forgive Me Father’ in 2011. She also did two character voice overs for the animated series Snapatoonies that won the Doc Toy’s Best Picks Children’s Products Awards Program for 2011.

Tabatha premièred her first short film ‘Making It’ in 2010 where she was the executive producer, writer and actor. Her work has been staged at the Festival of Volunteers in New Westminster. Her play, Counting Down that she wrote, produced, directed and performed in was well received this year. ‘My actors done a great job, their names are Ava and Al Dales‘ Tabatha says.

She has just completed a full length screenplay in collaboration, and is now scripting a short and a full length film. Her poems, short stories and plays have been published in anthologies and periodicals. Tabatha co-owns an emerging production company.

In her presentation at Surrey Muse on February 24, she will talk about her acting, writing and film making, and how she got into these areas, her experiences and works in progress.

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