Marcy Angeles – Surrey Muse

Marcy Angeles is a Two-Spirit Apache writer, painter and musician from Southern New Mexico. Her main solo music project is Western Obsidian, an exploration of trauma placed on her people for generations, where the name references the legend of the Apache Tears, a type of obsidian with a story that tells of Apaches jumping to their deaths so that colonials do not have the opportunity to take their lives. Marcy has also composed Shoegazey Noise Rock under the alias Fleurish where she released an album titled ‘Deepligai’ presenting a more gentle, atmospheric and all around her softer side. Her paintings and poetry have been featured in Barrio Panther Magazine and in the 2017 issue 5 of Parallax Magazine. Marcy began to do artwork and writing as a child, the music came later. Her first solo band was TVOD, it was an industrial music project intended to give PTSD a sound- to sound fearful so the listener understands what PTSD feels like just by listening. She is also working on the music project 3Li0ns where she is collaborating with ‘the very talented women artists’ Myrh & Agitation Phi. Marcy has been one of the many Native American Two Spirits working to restore their place by the Sacred Fire; ‘it is one thing to be transgender and a whole other to be an Indigenous transgender woman’, says Marcy.

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At the April 27 gathering of Surrey Muse, Marcy will be our Featured Performer via Skype. More information about the event is here:

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Young Scholar – Surrey Muse


Young Scholar is a RAP (Rhythm And Poetry) lyricist and a music producer whose debut album, ‘The Awakening’ encapsulates his two-pronged mandate that he calls his ‘mission’: ‘to get my audience to critically analyze different issues in society (hatred/jealousy, immigration/refugee crisis, credential racism, violence against women) through my lyrics, and to promote RAP in its most sophisticated and beautiful form because RAP must have meaning to connect to a large audience.’ The album will be available soon.

Young Scholar started rapping in 2013 when he was 20, to help his peers remember organic chemistry reactions, but soon he was using a set of very different themes. He continued to RAP because it allowed him ‘to easily express myself via poetry’.

Tupac Shakur is one of his favorite musicians in addition to Fort Minor’s Mike Shinoda.

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At the August 26 gathering of Surrey Muse, Young Scholar will present a selection of songs from his debut album. More information about the event is here:

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Imtiaz Popat – Surrey Muse


Imtiaz Popat is a singer, song writer and media Producer working in film, radio, television, new media and event production. His films include ‘Hate Can Kill’, ‘Khar Ki Khani’, ‘Stolen Memories’ and ‘Breaking the Silence’. He also worked on ‘India Kingdom of the Tiger’ and ‘Getting Married’. Imtiaz hosts Bulland Awaaz, The Rational and Duniya Mix on Vancouver CO-OP Radio 100.5 FM, and he co-hosts Access TV on Shaw Cable 4. He is now working on a documentary called ‘Back to India’, story of an Anglo-Indian artist living in Downtown Eastside who wants to go back to India to reconnect with her roots. Imtiaz also is an activist and a politician.

Imtiaz started producing films and radio programs in 1998 but it was singing that got him into the arts. He began to sing from a young age, and became a ‘songwriter’ in 2014. Imtiaz’s songs include ‘Ye Sham’ (this evening), ‘Twendeny’, ‘Tere nal hogaya ae pyar’ (i have fallen in love with you), ‘Sare Jag Ma Gujratio’ (Gujrati in the whole world), ‘Kis Nazar se’ (with which eye), and ‘Homeless’.

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At the July 22 gathering of Surrey Muse, Imtiaz will present songs and a short film. More information about the event is here:

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Poul Bech – Surrey Muse

Poul at SW showcase (1)

Poul Bech has recently emerged as a singer/songwriter from New Westminster’s community stages though this is what he has done most of his life, ‘singing and guitar-picking’ as he calls it.

Born in Alborg, Denmark, Poul immigrated to Canada as a young boy. Singing as hobby has been a constant but writing and performing his own songs is a new experience for him. He credits this development to the support and encouragement he receives at the RCLAS Songwriters’ Open Mic, a group that meets every week at Renaissance Bookstore.

Poul enjoys a diverse range of musical genres so his songs reflect that diversity. He can be found performing at various open stages and campfires throughout BC.

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At the March 27 Gathering of Surrey Muse, Poul will present some of the songs he has developed in the last couple of years. Click below for more information about the event:

Surrey Muse Jan-June 2015 Program
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Carol Sawyer – Surrey Muse


Carol Sawyer is a singer and visual artist working with improvised music, photography, installation, and video. She recently exhibited her video and photographic installation Shadow Puppet at Vancouver’s Republic Gallery.

Originally trained as a singer of classical and operatic repertoire, Sawyer became interested in extended voice techniques and improvised music while completing her MFA at SFU. She has appeared in contemporary opera with Vancouver’s Proximity Lab, deconstructed early Berlin cabaret songs for Music on Main, and recorded with LA based composer and trombonist Michael Vlatkovich.

For Surrey Muse, Carol will be joined by her frequent music collaborator, bassist Clyde Reed, to present a set of semi-improvised musical settings of poems and found texts.

Clyde Reed is a founding member of the renowned Vancouver-based ensemble NOW Orchestra, which celebrates its 38th anniversary in 2015. He is also a core member of numerous highly regarded smaller ensembles including the Bruce Freedman Trio, and the Portland, Oregon-based saxophonist Rich Halley quartet.

Carol and Clyde perform regularly with pianist Lisa Miller and saxophonist Steve Bagnell in the quartet ion Zoo, with whom they have released two CDs.

Listen to excerpts from ion Zoo’s recordings here:

And read reviews of their recent CD Venus Looks Good, here:

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Surrey Muse 6-Month Program – January to June 2015

We are excited to have this amazing lineup for the 7th Session of Surrey Muse.

Surrey Muse Session 7
January 2015 – June 2015

January 23
Author Sylvia Taylor
Poet Lorna Goodison
Performer Tom Oleman
Open Mic Opener Randeep Purewall
Host Sonja Grgar

February 27
Author Dennis E. Bolen
Poet Phinder Dulai
Performer Carol Sawyer
Open Mic Opener Summer Pervez
Host Mariam Zohra

March 27
Author Renée Sarojini Saklikar
Poet Ibrahim Honjo
Performer Poul Bech
Open Mic Opener Nefertiti
Host Randeep Purewall

April 24
Author Christine Grimard
Poet Alan Girling
Performer Hasham Nasir
Open Mic Opener Rita Wong
Host Helga Parekh

May 22
Author Larry Nicholson
Poet Carol Shillibeer
Performer Tim Mar
Open Mic Opener Idrian Burgos
Host Sana Janjua

June 26
Author Juliane Okot Bitel
Poet Pamela Bentley
Performer Let It Pass (DVD)
Open Mic Opener TBA
Host David Macilwain

All updates to this program will be posted at the Program page below

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Lavana La Brey – Surrey Muse

Lavana was born in Edmonton and has lived in British Columbia for most of her life. The co-owner of Renaissance Bookstore in New Westminster with John Preston for over 18 years, Lavana has provided a (free) home to various art and literary activities including literature critique groups, book launches, and music / spoken word open mic events. Her role is pivotal in the development of art and literature in New Westminster where she has facilitated the finding of various art, music and poetry groups.

A budding guitarist and song-writer, Lavana has been a regular participant at the Songwriters Open Mic held weekly at Renaissance Books for the past year. Her songs are rooted in country music but her lyrics allude to varied themes where she freely places herself as an independent mixed race city gal with no pretensions of being anything but.

Lavana also enjoys painting and writing poetry.

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