SylviaTaylor-WandaJohnKehewin-KatWahamaa-ArtPouchet with Virginia Gillespie at ‘Word Arts LIVE!’ on 26 Feb 2017

At the Word Arts LIVE! event this Sunday, we will have the opportunity with Host Virginia Gillespie to enjoy the work of our features Author Sylvia Taylor, Poet Wanda John-Kehewin, Performer Kat Wa…

Source: SylviaTaylor-WandaJohnKehewin-KatWahamaa-ArtPouchet with Virginia Gillespie at ‘Word Arts LIVE!’ on 26 Feb 2017


Surrey Muse At Large (SMAL) with VG PlayRoom at Camp Alexandra – Feb to June 2017

Surrey Muse At Large is commencing it’s first session in January, with regular programming from February to June 2017, in partnership with Virginia Gillespie’s VG Playroom at Alexandra Neighbourhood House.

Surrey Muse At Large is an attempt to take a shorter form of Surrey Muse programming out of libraries and into communities that may not be able to otherwise access it. The concept is two-fold: to provide an interdisciplinary art and literature presentation stage with a discussion component to the local community of writers, readers and performers; and, to provide it long enough so that the possibility of emerging localized presentation groups becomes stronger. As well, the concept benefits presenting poets, authors, artists and performers by opening new audiences and communities to their work.

SMAL at Camp Alexandra will be of two hour duration, with shorter presentation and discussion time slots but ample Open Mic. We’ll be engaged at the location from November, and before beginning regular SMAL programming in February, we’ll launch a couple of poetry books by local authors in January, introduce SMAL, and get input from the participants. At the end of the June gathering, the local group may decide to continue in their favored ways.

We are privileged to be working with Virginia Gillespie, who, among other things, is passionate about combining word, sound and image- she had been working on different projects to bring various forms and expressions together, and having SMAL at Camp A is a step in her continuing journey. Through VG PlayRoom, Virginia offers a larger vision in community building and organizing, of which, this year, SMAL is a part. Surrey Muse has supported VG PlayRoom to apply for a cultural grant from City of Surrey to help engage Surrey’s diverse arts communities. As well, we share Virginia’s desire to re-vitalize the Camp A community by generating regular art and literary activities at that historic location.

SMAL is one of the two projects that Surrey Muse had initiated in 2016 to celebrate our Fifth Anniversary this month. The other project was the July-October trial run of Surrey Muse Writers to determine if there was need for a drop-in critique group for writers in Surrey. Surrey Muse Writers will continue once-a-month on regular basis from Spring 2017.

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Fauzia Rafique
Coordinator, Surrey Muse

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Surrey Muse Writers: a Bi-Monthly Drop-In event


Surrey Muse Writers (SMW) is a bi-monthly drop-in for writers to present our work, exchange ideas and provide feedback to each other in order to facilitate the development of our creative writing projects.

Initiated by writers themselves, this group will allow those of us who may not have the resources to hire editors for manuscript evaluation or editing, to have a group of peers to look at our work to help us make it stronger and clearer. Guidelines will be in place for a respectful, positive, warm and inspiring interaction.

The first meeting of Surrey Muse Writers will take place from 11am to 1:30pm on July the 2nd at Waves Coffee beside Surrey’s Gateway skytrain station. We will have Poet/Editor Joanne Arnott as our Resource Person, and the meeting will be facilitated by Helga Parekh and Sonja Grgar.

July 2, 2016
11 am – 1:30 pm
Waves Coffee, Gateway Skytrain, Surrey
Resource Person  Joanne Arnott
Facilitator Helga Parekh
Co-Facilitator Sonja Grgar
To participate just show up
Donations Welcome
Free bi-monthly drop-in

Joanne Arnott is a poet, author, editor and arts activist. Her first book of poetry, Wiles of Girlhood (Press Gang) won the League of Canadian Poets’ Gerald Lampert Award in 1992. She has published five collections of poems, two poetry chapbooks, a collection of short nonfiction and a children’s illustrated book. Her writings have appeared in numerous anthologies. Joanne guest-edited Emerge 2010 (SFU/The Writers Studio), and text-edited Salish Seas: an anthology of text + image (AWCWC 2011).

Surrey Muse Writers does not intend to replace the need for professional editors rather it wishes to support writers to present stronger and ‘cleaner’ manuscripts to editors and publishers. Information about local reading groups, writing workshops, and recent calls-for-submission will also be made available.

Surrey Muse Writers will continue to meet at the same place and time every Second Saturday from July 2 to November 19, 2016 to determine need. The link below has the Schedule.
View 2016 Schedule

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Surrey Muse Writers Facebook page

Surrey Muse Writers is a project of Surrey Muse
smlogo-1 Surrey Muse acknowledges with gratitude
the volunteer contributions made by the
facilitators and resource persons
to make this project happen.

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