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Sadhu was born in 1947 in Punjab, India and moved to Canada in 1967. A retired UBC language instructor, Sadhu has authored and co-authored more than seventeen books of poetry, fiction, plays, translations and research and his works have been included in over forty such anthologies in Punjabi and English. He edited a literary monthly Watno Dur and co-edits a quarterly, Watan. He is a founding member of “Vancouver Sath,” a theatre collective and Ankur,  an English language-magazine.

He sat on the BC Arts Board from 1993 to 1995. As an active member of Punjabi Language Education Association, he has been promoting Punjabi language in educational institutions in BC for the last two and a half decades.

Selected Publications:

– Jugtoo, 2002;

– Yaar Mera Driya, 2001;
– No More Watno Dur a bilingual collection, 1994;
– Rishte Dariawan De, 1991;
– Jangal De Virudh, 1986;
– Sone Rangi Sarak, 1976

Short Stories:
– Fauji Banta Singh and other stories, (A Collection in English) 2014
– Katha Canada, Co-Edited, 2000;
– Lihon Lathe, 1994/2001;
– Kis Da Kasur, 1982

– Latan de Bhoot Co-authored 2001
– Picket Line, Co-authored, 1995.
– Research / Translations:
– Nastik Bani, 2012;
– Sangharash De Sau Vre, Co-authored, 2000.
– Vot Da hak, Co- Authored, 1997.
– Budh Dhillon, From English into Punjabi, 2002;
– Maluka, Co-Translated a novel from English into Punjabi, 1988.

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