Akram Varraich – Painter/Photographer

Akram was born in 1952 on the right bank of River Chanab in the Punjab province of Pakistan. He is a self taught painter who began painting in 1993 when he spent a year living in an artists commune with painters Iqbal Rasheed, Ahmad Zoay and Shahid Mirza. The commune was located in Iqbal Rasheed’s home in Lahore where ‘they would make paintings and after a few months they’lll collect everything, sprinkle oil on it, and they would burn them / oh log paintings bananday san te fer kujh maheenay baad sab nu ikatha kar k uttay mitti da tel panday san te sarr deinday san.’

Akram uses oil and acrylic but his favored medium is watercolor. Khalid Iqbal is one of the artists he likes. Selections of Akram’s photographs have also been exhibited. He is now working on landscape with ink and reed featuring the gardens of Lahore.

Akram studied linguistics in Moscow, and he lived in Sweden and Spain before settling in Lahore, Pakistan.

Exhibitions 2008-2016
Waheed Tea Stall, Wazirabad
Hoori Noorani, Karachi
Sheema Kirmani, Karachi
Hoori Noorani, Karachi
Bahauddin Zakariya University, Multan
Chitrkar, Lahore (photographs)
Waheed Tea Stall, Wazirabad (photographs)


Art by Akram Varraich
Features on the
March 2017 poster
of Surrey Muse

This particular painting was chosen
by Art director Mariam Zohra
from four paintings
taken from Akram’s Facebook page





Art Director Mariam Zohra’s response regarding her choice for #4:
‘open space
color, the green is brought out by the others
it steps out
reminds of peace.’
Thank you, Akram, for letting us feature your art on Surrey Muse poster.

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