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Photo by Mariam Zohra

Pasi Gunguwo is a musician, creative producer/director, and teacher who has worked in the entertainment and cultural industries in several countries including Zimbabwe, Canada, Cuba, Ghana, Ethiopia, South Africa, Israel and the USA. He co-founded an award winning community program ‘Britannia World Music’ in 2003, offering East Van children opportunities to learn and play African music as an after-school activity. In 2004, Pasi created Feso, a fusion band that rocked major Canadian music festivals in 2006-2007; and in 2008, he directed a play ‘Super Patriots and Morons’ produced by Amnesty International.

After graduating from film school in 2009, he has initiated various literary, film and video projects to tell stories of his homeland to an international audience.

Pasi has a deep passion for bringing out voices and images that celebrate diversity while being rooted in their cultures, ‘so that we can understand one another through art.’

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At the April 22 gathering of Surrey Muse, Pasi will have us view and listen to some of his work. More about the event is here: april-22-gathering-of-surrey-muse

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