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David Burnell is an author of popular fiction who is much-loved and valued in greater Vancouver’s literary communities. David has published four novels and a collection of short stories, he volunteers his time with New West Writers as an office-bearer, and he is a regular participant and supporter of Surrey Muse.

Earlier this year, he launched his fourth novel In Moonlight’s Shadow; the story takes place in war-torn Britain of 1941 with a focus on on the Royal Air Force where a pilot crash lands in occupied France, survives, evades the Germans, and eventually gets back to England; but his experiences in France change him and send him on a terrible quest for vengeance.

David published his first novel, The Elevator, in 2005, a mystery story set in the 1970’s, the early days of commercial computer systems. The second edition of this novel was published in 2014. His second novel, The Coven of the Unholy, was launched in 2011. The story tackles an evil, satanic cult that exists in the midst of a world that is afflicted with turmoil and strife. Innocent people become victims and suffer greatly.

Over the years, David had been writing a story each year to read to his family on Christmas. The outcome of this family tradition was gathered together in 2012 and published in one volume titled Dad’s Christmas Stories.

His third novel, A Nightingale Sang (2013) again takes place in WWII Britain, but it’s a love story between a battle fatigued Canadian pilot and a doctor’s daughter with a talent for singing. It’s set in 1944 with a background of historical fact.

At this time, David is writing a novel with a working title of Jerry Brent’s War. This story could be labelled the third in his war trilogy. The story deals with the Bristol Blenheim bomber, an aircraft completely outclassed by German fighters. It deals with a young pilot and his struggle to maintain his courage and sanity amidst staggering losses.

After immigrating to Canada from England in 1967, David spent most of his working life managing engineering offices. He is married to Pamela, and they celebrated their fiftieth anniversary in 2009. They have two sons and one daughter.

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