Surrey Muse Program – January-June 2016

January – June 2016
Session 9

January 22
Author Taryn Hubbard
Poet Connor Doyle
Performer Joseph A. Dandurand
Open Mic Opener Ajmer Rode
Host Randeep Purewall

February 26
Author Rose Scott
Poet Bonnie Nish
Performer Sonja Grgar
Open Mic Opener Manolis
BookSigning Author Nasreen Pejvack
Host Helga Parekh

March 25
Author Gomathy Puri (uc)
Poet Heidi Greco
Performer Enrico Renz
Open Mic Opener Timothy Shay
BookSigning Author Betsy Warland
Host Sana Janjua

April 22
Author Jennifer Manuel
Poet Renee Saklikar, Poet Laureate, Surrey
Performer Pasi Gunguwo
Open Mic Opener Helga Parekh
BookSigning Author Marshall Shumba
Host Sonja Grgar

May 27
Author Judy MacInnes
Poet Manolis
Performer Mariam Zohra
Open Mic Opener Cecily Nicholson
BookSigning Author Timothy Shay
Host Alex Macilwain

June 24
Author Fauzia Rafique
Poet Pamela Bentley
Performer Sana Janjua
Open Mic Opener Ashok Bhargava (uc)
Host Mariam Zohra

Surrey Muse program is put together twice a year for two sessions, January-June and July November. Participants are invited based on a Recommendations List where names and email addresses are collected throughout the year.

Selections for each session invitations are made according to the order in which recommendations were received, the following guidelines modify it to meet our mandate of diversity, representation and voice.
Each session program brings 70-75% new (or new to Surrey Muse) features.
No one is invited to be a feature in the same year, in the same discipline.
Open Mic Openers come from all levels of experience, beginners in their art or fully established.
Hosts are always members of Surrey Muse core organizing group.
Preference is given to core group members and other authors/artists who are launching new titles or other media.

To be on Surrey Muse Recommendations List, send us an email message at:

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