‘Surrey Muse’ a poem by Val Parks

the muse of poetry
is here with us tonight,
as she has been since
the beginning of spoken word.
Poetry is in the soul of mankind;
it is Erato who draws it out,
who encourages us to speak truth,
forces us to stand exposed
and naked before the world.
She has inspired such greats as
Longfellow, Edna St Vincent Millay,
Shelley, Wordsworth and many others.
She watches over the child
composing rhymes for his amusement,
because she sees a future poet.
Erato is here with us tonight
in this community of like-minded people,
in this society of artistic expression.
She is here with us tonight
in Surrey.

Dedicated to Surrey Muse, this poem was presented by Val Parks in the open mic session of April 28/2017 gathering.

Image from Pinterest.

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Surrey Muse Program July-Nov 2017

July-Nov 2017 Program

July 28
Author Nefertiti SheLa Morrison
Poet Mohamad Kebbewar
Performer Ajay Bhardwaj
Open Mic Opener Malcolm van Delst
Host Mariam Zohra

August 25
Author Patricia A. Donahue
Poet Ghia Aweida
Performer Lilija Valis & Enrico Renz
Open Mic Opener Helga Parekh
Host Alex Macilwain

September 22
Author Stephen Brennan
Poet Wanda John-Kehewin
Performer Kat Wahama
Open Mic Opener Parabjot Kaur
Host Sonja Grgar

October 27
Author N.K. Johel
Poet Lozan Yamolky
Performer Sonja Grgar
Open Mic Opener Valerie Parks
Host Helga Parekh

November 24, 6th anniversary of Surrey Muse
Author Anthony Dalton
Poet Idrian Burgos
Performer Mariam Zohra
Open Mic Opener Joy Haskell
Host Fauzia Rafique

Updates to this program will be posted here

Surrey Muse program is put together twice a year, in Nov/Dec for January-June session and in May/June for July-November session. Dates are blind-picked by participants themselves through an invitation. Participants are invited from a recommendations list that stays open throughout the year. Recommend authors, poets and performers to be featured at Surrey Muse. Use the email address below or try our (new) recommendations form:

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‘May 25 Surrey Muse Report’ by Randeep Purewall

The sixth meeting of Surrey Muse took place on the evening of May 25, 2012. The event was hosted by Poet Phinder Dulai, featuring Tariq Malik as its Featured Author, Valerie Parks as its Featured Poet and L.A. Burgess as its Featured Performer. The poet Susan Steudal was also on hand to sign copies of her new book of poetry, New Theatre.

Tariq Malik read from Chanting Denied Shores which explores the various streams that flowed from the 1947 partition of British India. His first story “Paani” (‘Water’), set in 1957, shows the life of a Pakistani Punjabi the village being slowly depleted of its vigor as its most ablest young men leave to pursue opportunities abroad. After Summer Pervez reciting Tariq’s poems, Tariq closed by reading from the prologue of Komagatu Maru which is told from the perspective of a Punjabi Muslim. Tariq also described the problems the book encountered in getting published given its controversial subject matter.

Valerie began with some ribald humor proving the point that women in their 50s are as sexy and as relevant as at any earlier point in their lives. She went on to read the first of four poems on the cello from her chapbook Pathways, followed by poetry on poets and women. In her Wisdom of a Thousand Fools, Valerie opened further the palette of human emotion reading poems on betrayal and hope.

The final artist of the evening, L.A. Summer, read from From LA to Paris: Dairy of a Grieving Mother, a story of loss of her daughter Paris and L.A.’s personal transformation. Moving between poetry and musical performance, from Paris conception, her body, going home, Paris’ final night, a vigil and a tribute to her, L.A. conveyed a poignant tale of grief but also triumph while weaving in Cole Porter and touches of Sally Bowles and Marlene Dietrich.

The open microphone session opened with the poems of Summer Pervez which had been composed in the days leading up to the meeting. Following Summer was Susan who read poems from New Theatre inspired by the spirit of Lenin, the Russian Revolution and the rolling fields of the Caucasus. Hari followed with his urban style poetry which reminded us why “rap” stands for rhythmic American poetry. The evening closed with two poems by Nirmal.

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Randeep Purewall is a lawyer, a writer and a cultural activist. Contact him at: surrey.muse@gmail.com

May 25 Gathering of Surrey Muse

Sixth Gathering

May 25
5:30 – 8:30 PM
Room 418 – City Centre branch
Surrey Public Library
Phone: (604) 598-7420
(Surrey Central skytrain)

Guest Author Tariq Malik
Featured Poet Valerie Parks
Featured Performer LA Burgess
Open Mic opens with Summer Pervez
Book Signing Susan Steudel
Host Phinder Dulai
Book Table

Free event
Donations welcome

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Contact: surrey.muse@gmail.com