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Siobhan Barker is an African-Canadian author of fiction and non-fiction, a storyteller, a bilingual singer, a textile artist and a community activist.

Siobhan grew up in Ontario and lived in Quebec before moving to British Columbia. In Montreal, she wrote on books, performers and films for the bilingual magazine Image, Nation et Culture.  She is a storyteller of folklore, world issues and cultures and has spoken and performed in public talks including at the African-Canadian Writers Festival, where she presented “Reigning Words: Black Playwrights in BC Theatre” (published in issue 118 of Canadian Theatre Review). 

Siobhan has written engaging stories with the many “Anansi and Aesop” tales which look at creation tales, community living, and honouring resources – with lots of laughs along the way!

Her poems have been published in The Great Black North which was launched as part of the 2013 Black History Month. She has read her stories and poems at the “Word on the Street” with the Vancouver Society of Storytelling and at the first annual Hogan’s Alley Poetry Festival which was held in 2011 and which honoured the various poetic communities and traditions of Vancouver. She will be performing in a play at “Clean Sheets 2013” as part of the Queer Arts Festival.

Siobhan has also been a community activist in encouraging reading and the arts amongst children in the Vancouver area.  She organizes weekly workshops on multicultural stories, songs and plays for children at local community centres and neighbourhood houses and  storytelling shows with songs and participation of children.

Siobhan’s inspirations include community choirs in which she has sang in, Paul Robeson, Josephine Baker, Toronto poet D’Bi Young, and her father, Carlyle Barker, a poet in his own right.

Siobhan also crotchets hats and tuques sporting West African adrinka symbol influences and other designs, so, “put a hat on!”

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