This page lists the authors, poets and performers who have presented at Surrey Muse gatherings.

Dharini Abeyeskera
Rashimi Too Abeyeskera
Hari Alluri
Marcy Angeles (TVOD & Western Obsidian)
Joanne Arnott
Ghia Aweida
Valerie B-Taylor
Siobhan ‘Mama says’ Barker
Diego Bastianutti
Margo Bates
Poul Bech
Pam Bentley
Ajay Bhardwaj
Ashok Bhargava
Shashi Bhat
Stephen Brennan
Sadhu Binning
Juliane Okot Bitek
Patrick Blennerhassett
Edward Blodgett
Dennis E. Bolen
Sylvia Grace Borda
Craig H. Bowlsby
Arlene Bowman
LA Burgess
Idrian Burgos
David Burnell
Aidan Chafe
Jillian Christmas
Kevan Anthony Cameron
Chloe Cocking
Lucas Crawford
Susan Crean
Colleen Cross
C.J. Cutayne
Anthony Dalton
Trudy M. Davies
Malcolm van Delst
Patricia A. Donahue
Connor Doyle
Sherry Duggal
Phinder Dulai
Mariam Zohra Durrani
Daniela Elza
Raoul Fernandes
Joan B. Flood
Janet Fretter
Raul Gatica
Lakshmi Gill
Virginia Gillespie
Alan Girling
Kagan Goh
Lucia Monica Gorea
Heidi Greco
Sonja Grgar
Christine Grimard
Pasi Gunguwo
Joy Haskell
Alan Hill
Ibrahim Honjo
Taryn Hubbard
Candice James
Sana Janjua
N. K. Johel
Kevin Spenst
Surjeet Kalsey
Arno Kamolika
Mohamad Kebbewar
Wanda John-Kehewin
Deborah L. Kelly
Eileen Kernaghan
Joìniìna Kirton
Ruth Kozak
Daksh Kubba
Janet Kvammen
Lydia Kwa
Lavana La Brey
Fiona Tinwei Lam
Larissa Lai
Antonia Levi
Franci Louann
Judy MacInnes
Mustapha Makhdoom
Jean Pierre Makosso
Irfan Malik
Tariq Malik
Jennifer Manuel
Tim Mar
Lee Maracle
Jo Martinez
Kyle McKillop
Sam Migliore
Malik Mohamed
SheLa Nefertiti Morrison
Val Mossop
Hasham Nasir
Lawren Nemeth
Yvette Dudley-Neuman
Cecily Nicholson
Larry Nicholson
Bonnie Nish
Kat Norris
Tiberia Pacheco
Nasreen Pejvack
Helga Parekh
Valerie Parks
Robert Pepper-Smith
Summer Pervez
Imtiaz Popat
Margo Prentice
Randeep Purewall
Gomathy Puri
Fauzia Rafique
Arushi Raina
Enrico Renz
Alison Richards
Ajmer Rode
annie grace ross
Martha Roth
Lenore Rowntree
Joy Russell
Jennifer Ryan
Renée Sarojini Saklikar
Rose Seiler Scott
Young Scholar
Ariadne Sawyer
Carol Sawyer with Clyde Reed
Ushna Shah
Timothy Shay
Carol Shillibeer
Donald Neil Simmers
Parabjot K. Singh
Kevin Spenst
Bonnie Quan Symons
Ben Nuttal Smith
Celeste Snowber
Susan Steudel
Jason Sunder
Michelle Sylliboy
Katheren Szabo
Kevin Taylor
Sylvia Taylor
Steve Thompson (Magnus)
Lilija Valis
Lozan Yamolky
Tabatha Visutskie
Katherine Wagner
Kat Wahamaa
Russell Wallace
L. P. Wallinger
Betsy Warland
Ken Westdorp
RC Weslowsky
Janene White
Rita Wong
Julian Worker
T’uy’t’tanat-Cease Wyss
Isaac Yuen

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Musqueam, Squamish and Tsleil-Waututh First Nations.



4 thoughts on “People

  1. moonfroth says:

    I attended the January 17th meeting and read a few poems. Couldn’t come to the readings in February and March, but I will be there on April 24 and would like to read a few more, if you cared to put me on the list for open mic. Thanks.

    clark cook
    604 649 7574 cell


    • Surrey Muse says:

      You are welcome, Clark.
      Please sign the Open Mic signup sheet at the Book Table when you arrive on April 24. That’s when the signup begins.
      Looking forward to more of your poems.


  2. […] may be mentioned in event reports, may appear in photographs and videos, and may be on our People page. Bring your poems, short fiction, creative prose, art, […]


  3. Jagtar Randhawa says:

    Being a Punjabi Poet ,I want to join your activities and want to share poems of me for display throughout and publication also .jsr


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