Surrey Muse Program January-June 2018

‘Pink Rose’ in Rob Zeer’s ‘Street Kids’ series
from the August 2017 poster designed by Mariam Zohra

Session 13
January – June 2018

Jan 26
Author Joy Haskell
Poet Annie Ross
Performer Pervaiz Akhtar
Open Mic Opener Helga Parekh
Host Sana Janjua

Feb 23
Author Lydia Kwa
Poet Raul Gatica
Performer Sherry Duggall
Open Mic Opener Mariam Zohra
Host Sonja Grgar

March 23
Author Shashi Bhatt
Poet Lee Maracle (via Skype)
Performer Cease Wyss
Open Mic Opener Fauzia Rafique
Host Helga Parekh

Apr 27
Author Joan B. Flood
Poet Adèle Barclay
Performer Marcy of TVOD & Western Obsidian (via Skype)
Open Mic Opener Sonja Grgar
Host Alex Macilwain

May 25
Author Susan Crean
Poet Betsy Warland
Performer Arlene Bowman
Open Mic Opener Randeep Purewall
Host Fauzia Rafique

June 22
Author Julie Flett
Poet Ashok Bhargava
Performer Peter Daniels
Open Mic Opener Sana Janjua
Host Mariam Zohra

Updates to this program
Will be posted at the page below

Surrey Muse program is put together twice a year, in Nov/Dec for January-June session and in May/June for July-November session. Dates are blind-picked by participants through an invitation. Participants are invited from a recommendations list that stays open throughout the year.

Recommend authors, poets and performers to be featured at Surrey Muse. Use the email address at the bottom of the post or try the new recommendations

Surrey Muse gatherings

Surrey Muse gatherings take place
on the unceded territories of the
Musqueam, Squamish and Tsleil-Waututh First Nations.

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About Surrey Muse

An interdisciplinary Arts and Literature group that meets Fourth Friday of each month except December. Presents a Guest Author, a Featured Poet, and a Featured Artist/Performer. Discussions. Open Mic. Book Table. Book Signings. Free event. Donations welcome.

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